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Why give a fuck

Early stage ventures are really fucking tough. Making a product. Finding customers. Building a team. Self belief. Finding money. Losing money. Having a punch up with your co-founders. Winning. Failing. Crying. Smiling. What to do tomorrow. What to do today. Saying yes. Saying no. Wanting to jack it in. Refusing to jack it in. Being fearless against the odds. Shall I. Shan’t I. Will they. Won't they. And everything else that happens that you can’t even make up.

That’s the gig with the venture. With the entrepreneur. I know. I’ve been there. Done it. Worn the t-shirt. Many, many times.

I now help people with all of this. In a big way. Or a small way. Messy or clean. With a very simple methodology. Three simple questions. What’s really going on? What needs to happen? What are we going to do next?


The short version

I will help
you win.


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Matt Judkins MBA

Venture Strategy and Execution

    • New venture commercialisation
    • Fundraising
    • Product launch
    • Market entry
    • Breakout Strategy
    • Intellectual property
    • Crowdfunding
    • Millions raised in private equity
    • Multiple six figure crowd launches
    • 30+ granted patents
    • Sketch to mass production in UK and Asia
    • Global high street retail launches
    • B2B & B2C international distribution ramp-ups
    • More awards than you can wave a stick at
    • An audience with the Queen
    • Still alive

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United Kingdom

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